The Universal Low-Voltage Switchgear System

GENIMOD is a new GREINER switchgear generation suitable for all areas relating to the generation, distribution and application of electrical energy in a wide variety of industrial and building services management sectors.

The rigorously modular design allows a large number of customised options to be implemented, from fixed-mounted to the convenient withdrawable unit design.

The sophisticated upward compatibility also makes a large numer of requirements economically feasible as regards personal and system safety.

A great deal attention has been given not only to safety, but also to high levels of availability and rapid interchange-ability or conversion facilities while the system is in operation.

  • Maximum safety and quality on account of type tests
  • Extremely wide range of requirements in terms of technology, ease of use, safety and availability is met
  • Maximum personal and system protection
  • Easy and safe conversion and retrofitting
  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • Comprehensive utilities for planning and design
  • Quality management to DIN EN ISO 9001

Wherever maximum availability and preventive maintenance are important, and where a rapid response to changing requirements is needed, the GENIMOD withdrawable module design is the right solution. Individual modules can be retrofitted or replaced  rapidly and without any problems. Larger modifications can also be carried out safely within the cubicle while the system is live. The maximum possible component density safeguards a space-saving construction. In the power section all the standard circuits are available both with and without fuses. Either conventional or bustechnology control is used.

  • Rear-mounted busbars can be partitioned to provide protection to accidental arcs
  • Distribution bars embedded to provide protection to accidental arcs and covered that they are safe from test-finger touch.
  • The modular design of the through for the distribution bar also caters for other cubicle heights with a grid size of 200 mm, e.g. for decentralised power installations on site.
  • Maximum component space for 32 withdrawable units per cubicle (height 2200 mm)
  • Testposition and isolates position when inserted
  • Cable terminal compartment 400 mm for optimal cable connection
  • Design 4b in accordance with VDE 0660 available
  • Integrated bus distribution
  • Profibus-DP interface for any product type or make

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